I checked different post like:
Is there a way to use ‘pool_reset_connection’ from mysql-connector-python with MariaDB 10.4.7?

But I can’t solve my isue, I have a program write in python 2.7; now I’m moving everything to python 3 but I got problems with mysql.connector.

In this moment I’m using python 3.8.2 and mysql-connector-python==8.0.19 but I try with different version of python 3, but I was getting always the same error on mysql.connector when I try to close the connection.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:Python38libsite-packagesmysqlconnectorconnection.py", line 819, in reset_session
  File "C:Python38libsite-packagesmysqlconnectorconnection.py", line 1166, in cmd_reset_connection
    raise errors.NotSupportedError("MySQL version 5.7.2 and "
mysql.connector.errors.NotSupportedError: MySQL version 5.7.2 and earlier does not support COM_RESET_CONNECTION.


mysql.connector.errors.OperationalError: 1047 (08S01): Unknown command

I’m not sure how to solve it, I try in different way increasing the pool and having different pool or just shutdown the connection but in a big project after I got pool exhaust so I really need close the connection but I can’t solve this issue; can someone help me pls?

I try even to change the mysql-connector library as explained in the other stackoverflow ticket but every time I change it I got other problems.