I am looking into interesting ways to reduce CPU utilization
on a NodeJS server.

During my research I have found the following article:

These are all excellent tips but I have a question regarding

Does this really mean a user is requesting “JavaScriptTemplate.html”
and then all the JSON is requested subsequently (which is not implemented here)?

Assuming that all the dynamic content should be available without user
interaction (e.g. requesting JSON on a button click event) what is
the best way to achive this? I can think of loading additional JS dependencies
(requirejs) where functions are executed to request the JSON stuff.

Since I never see big websites to call static html files but
instead requesting routes to their application servers how common
is the solution suggested by the link above? Do they really
use server side templates to waste CPU utilization on
mostly static text content???

For Node (expressJS) this must be a suboptimal way especially
if the HTML to be produced is fairly complex… ideally
Node should just operate as an API server providing JSON data.

Do you have some ideas to share?