I got such problem.
What I want to do – is to make 1 place for validation rules for a user data. These data consists of Patient, Address and other objects.
So I created rules:

protected function validationRules()
    return [
        'Patient.firstName' => 'required|string|min:2',
        'Patient.lastName'        => 'required|string',
        'Patient.sex'        => 'required|string',
        'Address.city'        => 'required|string',
        'Address.states'        => 'required|string',
        'Address.address1'        => 'required|string|min:2',
        'Address.zip'        => 'required|string|min:2',
        'Phone.mobileArea'        => 'string|min:3|required_with:Phone.mobilePhone',
        'Phone.mobilePhone'        => 'string|min:7|required_with:Phone.mobileArea',
        'Phone.homePhone'        => 'string|min:7|required_with:Phone.homeArea',
        'Phone.homeArea'        => 'string|min:3|required_with:Phone.homePhone',

In form i have inputs like

<input id="firstName" type="text" class="form-control" name="Patient[firstName]" value="{{ $user->getFirstName() }}" required autofocus placeholder="First Name">

And on save everything works correctly.
The code
$this->validate($request, $this->validationRules());

Performs validation very well. BUT….

On another place, when I want to show that some information is missing in the user profile, I perform such validation and its failed:

$validator = Validator::make([
        'Patient[firstName]' => $user->getFirstName(),
        'Patient[lastName]'        => $user->getLastName(),
        'Patient.lastName'        => $user->getLastName(),
        'Patient->lastName'        => $user->getLastName(),
        'Patient.sex'        => $user->getSex(),
        'Address.city'        => $address->getCity(),
        'Address.states'        => $address->getState(),
        'Address.address1'        => $address->getStreet1(),
        'Address.zip'        => $address->getZip(),
        'Phone.mobileArea'        => $mobilePhone->getArea(),
        'Phone.mobilePhone'        => $mobilePhone->getNumber(),
        'Phone.homePhone'        => $homePhone->getArea(),
        'Phone.homeArea'        => $homePhone->getNumber(),
    ], $this->validationRules());

As you can see, i tried different variations of naming Patient->lastName key in data array. But i still have error that last name is required.
When i print validator i can see such structure:

    Validator {#300 ▼
  #data: array:12 [▼
    "Patient[firstName]" => ""
    "Patient[lastName]" => "Colohanin"
    "Patient->lastName" => "Colohanin"
    "Patient->sex" => "female"
    "Address->city" => "GOSHEN2"
    "Address->states" => "NY"
    "Address->address1" => "Aleco Russo 59/1 a.68"
    "Address->zip" => "109242"
    "Phone->mobileArea" => "793"
    "Phone->mobilePhone" => "906990"
    "Phone->homePhone" => "022"
    "Phone->homeArea" => "3322278"
  #initialRules: array:1 [▼
    "Patient.lastName" => "required|string"


As I understand, the validator has rules for “Patient.lastName” but in data array Laravel transform this key to object and Validator can’t find this key in data bag. In result, I have error – > patient last name required(for testing purposes, I removed other rules)

So there is my question. Does anyone know, how to set data array in “dot” sintancs? How should i name “Patient.lastName” in data array(first parameter in Validator::make())?

The rewriting keys using underscore doesn’t accept(patient_firstName)