I am trying to update the badge for a Phonegap 3.1 iOS application.

What Has Worked Before
To achieve this in older versions of Phonegap/Cordova, I used the following plugin:

Why that no longer works
Plugins in Phonegap 3.0+ are now installed via the command line.
I’m under the impression that the plugin above (which has a “last updated” time of over a year ago) is not compliant with the new plugin install process.

What I’ve Thought to Try So Far
I thought to try and run phonegap local plugin add https://<path to the git repo> just incase the plugin still worked with 3.0+, but I can’t seem to find the address of the actual repo.

I was hoping the Phonegap 3.0 documentation would have an example of setting the badge, but I don’t see anything along those lines.

Does anyone know of a Phonegap3.0+ plugin to manually set of the badge number for an iOS app?