Following is what I’m trying to do this in nodejs. The Rest API takes a city name as an input. I am trying to get the latitude and longitude using the geocode API for the input city. then, using the latitude and longitude, I am trying to get a list of closest cities using another API. then, for all those cities, I am getting the weather report, then for those cities, I am getting whether there is water and I am returning this back as a JSON.

As you can see, there is a lot of then and the goal of this exercise is to avoid nested callbacks.

I am using async/await which is supposed to have eliminated the nested then functions. But I don’t see another way of doing this. The complete code snippet is below. The ugly part I am trying to fix is requester.makeRequest()

Following is just a snippet of the necessary code and not the complete working code. Any help on how to untangle this would be greatly appreciated.

app.get('/search', function(req, res, next) {
  const requester = {
      lastRequest: new Date(),
      makeRequest: async function(url) {
        const response = await fetch(url);
        const json = await response.json();
        return json;

requester.makeRequest(geocode_url +`?locate=${req.query.q}&json=1`
    + geocode_token)
    var final_result = []
    var lat = city.latt;
    var long = city.longt;
    // request to get list of cities closer to that location,
    //takes latitude and longitude as parameters
    requester.makeRequest(metaweather_url + '?lattlong='
     + lat + ',' + long)
    .then(function(closer_cities) {
      var cities_len = closer_cities.length
      for(i = 0; i < closer_cities.length; i++) {
        woeid = closer_cities[i].woeid
        //request to get weather using woeid parameter
        requester.makeRequest(woeid_url + woeid)
        .then(function(weather) {
          var lattlong = weather.latt_long;
          requester.makeRequest(onwater_url+ lattlong +
          '?access_token=' + water_access_token)
          .then(function(onwater) {
            var temp = Object.assign(weather, onwater)
            if (final_result.length == cities_len) {
              res.status(200).json({error: false,
                data: {message: final_result}})