My ng-model is updated with the first value when typing in a dropdown when some values SHARE start letters at captions.

 <div ng-app="dropDown" ng-controller="dropDownController">
      <select name="StateId" ng-model="selectedState" class="form-control" ng-change="selectedStateChanged()" ng-options="(states.Abbrev + ' - ' + states.Name) for states in states"></select>


Scenario to test:

  1. Click on any part of the form.
  2. Click Tab to focus the Dropdown.
  3. Start typing ‘TX’

– ‘TX – TEXAS’ option is displayed on drowpdown.
– $scope.selectedState value IS {Name:’TENNESSEE’}


  • ‘TX – TEXAS’ option is displayed on drowpdown.
  • $scope.selectedState value should be {Name:’TEXAS’}

I’m gonna work this out by using plain javascript, in the meantime, I would like to know if theres any AngularJS solution out there.

Thanks in advance.