I’m currently using dotcloud hosting for an application and I’m redirecting my naked url using my domain registrar namecheap (through “@” hostname and “*” hostname as a URL direct- and then a cname for www to dotcloud)

This works well for re-directing people back to main www.

My issue is I want to map the visitor to the equivalent naked domain url they were trying to visit. E.g. http://example.com/websitepage1 to http://www.example.com/websitepage1. Right now visiting any page on the site minus the “www” will just redirect you to the homepage.

Any ideas or suggestions?? I’d prefer not to switch out of dotcloud hosting for the moment but will do so if it’s impossible to get this to work another way.


The urls that need to be redirected are created dynamically so it’s not impossible to hard code them. The DNS doesn’t have to be namecheap. I can put the nameservers else where if there is an option that allows redirect of naked urls to the www equivalent. Any ideas appreciated!