My Laravel authentication works perfectly. I included password change feature. After changing the password,the login works fine for all users except the first user(uid=”1″). Only the default password hash works well for this user. For other password hashes the login attempt fails. My codes are given below:

User Controller Signin

 public function postSignin() {
    if (Auth::attempt(array('email'=>Input::get('email'),   'password'=>Input::get('password')))) {
        return Redirect::to('users/dashboard')->with(array('message' => 'You are now  logged in!', 'email' => Input::get('email')));
    } else {
        return Redirect::to('users/login')
        ->with('message', 'Your username/password combination was incorrect')


Table Schema

   Schema::create('users', function($table)
            $table->string('firstname', 20);
            $table->string('lastname', 20);
            $table->string('email', 100)->unique();
            $table->string('password', 255);
            $table->string('remember_token', 255);

Password Change Controller function

  public function postUpass() {
    $user = User::find(Input::get('uid'));
        $user->password = Hash::make(trim(Input::get('password')));
        echo "Done";
        //echo Hash::make(trim(Input::get('password')));
    else {
        echo "Check Passwords Again";

Someone please help me with this.