I’m looking to stream video’s as part of a django app, but I’ve never done anything with video and don’t really know where to start. I don’t have all the details of the project yet, but I’m expecting a fairly small library of videos uploaded by one or two people (Think less than 100 videos of about 5 mins length).

I’m looking for a solution that allows users to upload videos using django admin. I want to reach the majority of desktop browsers (95%+), and obviously I want to keep my costs down. Saying that I do like the idea of using some sort of cloud based CDN (I’ve no idea if that’s possible / appropriate for this size of project)

I really want to ask if anyone can point me int he right direction (tutorials / services / projects / code), but I realise that might not be specific enough.

So to be more specific –

  1. Is it possible to stream video to browsers using just django and an apache web server?
  2. What cloud hosting providers will support easy integration with a django app?
  3. Will I need to convert the format of my video’s before they’re ready to stream?
  4. Can I use Red5 with a cloud hosting solution.
  5. I want to host the project on a Ubuntu server that I use to host a
    couple of other (low traffic) django apps – would it be a mistake to install Red5
    on a server with existing sites.
  6. From recollection, the server has 12GB RAM and 4 cores (in a 1and1
    uk datacentre). Will I have enough power / bandwidth to stream say 3-5 video’s simultaneously? (assuming red5 / wowza).
  7. I’m not interested in Flash because I was rooting for Apple. Do I
    need to need to re-evaluate my prejudices to be free of my ignorance?