I have seen answers on C# and Java but not able to find anything on NodeJs. I have tried using cmd shell in Windows to get the required output but no luck.

I am aware that the same information can be taken in Mongo shell but the requirement is to get a list within the NodeJs app.

 cmd = child_process.exec('"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.2\bin\mongo.exe" admin ; db.getMongo().getDBNames()');

and also

var mongoServer = require('mongodb-core').Server;

 var server = new mongoServer({
    host: 'localhost'
    , port: 27017
    , reconnect: true
    , reconnectInterval: 50   });

  server.on('connect', function (_server) {


 var cmdres = _server.command('db.adminCommand({listDatabases: 1})');

 console.log("Result: " + cmdres);