I want to get a combined coverage of both unit-test and integration-test.

I have seperate folders for both unit-test and integration-test. In my pipeline ci i have a seperate stage for unit-test and integration-test becasue the integration-test requires a dependency.


 "unit-test": "nyc mocha --timeout 5000000 -r ts-node/register --project tsconfig.json test/unit/*.test.ts --exit",
 "integration-test": "nyc mocha --timeout 5000000 -r ts-node/register --project tsconfig.json test/integration/*.test.ts --exit",

Right now i get coverage report for both of them seperatly, but what i can see is that its not a true reflection of all the coverage.

Is there someway i can combine the coverage summary. It might mean that i would need to combine the 2 stages in my pipeline?