This is my first time working with Keycloak. I have prepared a Keycloak instance in my local machine in which I can create realm’s, clients etc.

I found React + Keycloak examples of use, but none of them used PKCE flow.

I don’t know how to configure Keycloak and React. I only know that the client application must be able to generate a code verifier and a code challenge.

I am looking for a simple example of implementing authorization using react and Keycloak which should follow the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant with PKCE Flow or tips on what to do on the React side and what on the Keycloak side to implement OAuth 2.0.

What I want to do:

  1. Setting up a Keycloack instance (ready)
  2. Registration of a public client in Keycloack (ready)
  3. Implementation of a simple login scenario in web (the scenario follow OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant with PKCE Flow)