Considering the following code snippet:

template <typename TF>
void post(TF){ }

template <typename... TFs>
struct funcs : TFs...
    funcs(TFs... fs) : TFs{fs}... { }

    void call() 
        (post([&]{ static_cast<TFs&>(*this)(); }), ...); 

clang++ 3.8+ successfully compiles the code.

g++ 7.0 fails to compile with the following error:

prog.cc: In lambda function:
prog.cc:10:43: error: parameter packs not expanded with '...':
        (post([&]{ static_cast<TFs&>(*this)(); }), ...);
prog.cc:10:43: note:         'TFs'
prog.cc: In member function 'void funcs<TFs>::call()':
prog.cc:10:13: error: operand of fold expression has no unexpanded parameter packs
        (post([&]{ static_cast<TFs&>(*this)(); }), ...);

Removing the post call and the lambda makes g++ compile the fold expression.

Is this interaction between lambdas, fold expressions and template function calls somehow forbidden by the standard, or is this a gcc bug?