Hey guys I would extremely appreciate it if someone can help me out with an issue I am having on my WordPress website after updating to PHP 7.4 (I am not that tech-savvy).

I thought it would be a good idea to update to PHP 7.4 from 7.1 for security reasons, before the update I ensured that all of my plug-ins were updated and my WordPress was running the latest version.

After the update everything was smooth except for one small section on my home screen.

Website on version PHP 7.4

I believe I know the plugin used for this section, it is WPBakery and I do not have the license for it so it is running on version 6.1

I also have the code stating where the problem is: (line 817)

//Process Box
add_shortcode('process', 'process_func');
function process_func($atts, $content = null){
        'shadow'     =>  '',    
        'number'     =>  '',    
        'title'      =>  '',     
        'image'      =>  '',   
        'style'      =>  'style1',   
    ), $atts));
    $img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($image,'full');
    $img = $img[0];

I believe line 817 is the $img = $img[0];

This is what the section of the website looks like in PHP Version 7.2

Website on version PHP 7.2

If someone understands the issue here and can explain it I would really appreciate the help!