Is there a) a Win32 API call (Windows 7+ ideally, or Windows 10), or b) a platform-[in]dependent Qt call (5.15.2), or c) some other way to copy a collection of files using the graphical shell’s currently configured copy handler (and to wait for it to finish or provide some other way to obtain the final operation status)?

By “currently configured” copy handler I mean e.g. whatever currently pops up the dialog box when you drag files around, like, say, Nautilus on some Linuxes, or the Windows copier with the progress dialog, or, most importantly, whatever else may be set to the default copy handler (for example, TeraCopy and such on Windows)? I.e. the same handler that’s used when you copy files with drag-and-drop in the graphical shell.

I’m really just concerned with Windows at the moment, but a platform-independent Qt-based method would be ideal, if it exists.