I am trying to cross compile Tensorflow Lite (2.5, nightly build) for iOS. I would like to build a static framework. Here is the build command I used:

bazel build --config=ios_arm64 -c opt //tensorflow/lite/ios:TensorFlowLiteC_framework

The TensorFlowLiteC_framework target is defined in tensorflow/tensorflow/lite/ios/BUILD.apple as

    name = "TensorFlowLiteC_framework",
    hdrs = [
    allowlist_symbols_file = ":allowlist_TensorFlowLiteC.txt",
    bundle_name = "TensorFlowLiteC",
    minimum_os_version = TFL_MINIMUM_OS_VERSION,
    deps = [

I had expected the resulting framework to be a static framework, but it appears to be a dynamic framework instead. Inside the TensorFlowLiteC.framework folder, there is a binary file TensorFlowLiteC. If I do file TensorFlowLiteC, I get:

TensorFlowLiteC: Mach-O universal binary with 1 architecture: [arm64:Mach-O 64-bit object arm64]
TensorFlowLiteC (for architecture arm64):   Mach-O 64-bit object arm64

This appears to be a dynamic lib file to me. As far as I know, if this was a static archive, I should have gotten: current ar archive.

Is there a way to actually build Tensorflow Lite into an actual static framework for iOS?